Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jennifer Lopez confuses me

Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama

I liked the song, I don't like the message

when she is housewife she tells she will not cook and clean the house


if she did it right from the beginning is not it unfair to her husband?

her man was looking for somebody who will do the homework

by marrying him she agreed to do that and now she suddenly realizes she does not want to do that anymore

liiiiiiiiiike she showed him in the pre-marriage version of herself, that she wants to do that, and then she is too good for that? is not it the thing you do before having a serious relationship, to put boundaries? like: I'm cooking dinners, you are making breakfast and divide the cleaning duties? you got the point

if you don't want to cook, find a man who is not expecting that from you

when she is secretary, I am sorry, but having such a deep cut on your dress it would be illogical not to expect somebody looking in it

if you don't want those looks

put a freaking turtleneck, because it is a simple reaction to open skin

or that factory look

it is not a rocket science to work at the line :) if you don't like the salary, look for another job, it is like with that husband thing, you agreed to one thing and then you demand the opposite of it

but the most confusing thing is "I ain't your mama"



that sounds like if she disrespects his mother

and every other mother in the world

I do not know

Lopez confuses me a lot with that song

and probably fathers who are doing the things "mamas" do

cooking and cleaning is not for women only


but she looks super hot :)

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