Friday, May 13, 2016

My top 6

well, like I already wrote

1. Croatia!!!

2. Lithuania

I am sure Lithuania has real chances for winning the whole competition this year

this song just fits to competition and has radio air success

3. Hungary

jaw-dropping voice

my favorite kind of voice "rrrrr-voice"

but I haaaaaaate the chorus part

4. Israel

it was like with Croatia

I laughed the first time I saw him and heard the beginning of the song

but the longer I listened to that song the more I liked it

beautiful ballad

I especially loved the end of the song

5. Cyprus

catchy dancing song


that is a dancing song for me:)

6. Latvia

I love his voice, but not the song:)

if you have a chance, forget about "only dumb people watch Eurovision" crap and enjoy the show with millions and millions of people

watch it on TV screen

and have a handful of emotions

I can guarantee you will have a good laugh and you will find some songs you like

no matter how heartbreaking it can be for you

"I am the metalhead, I can't like that crap"

yes you can :)

but we will not tell anyone

Eurovision is the time of the year, when every person finds some song they would had never listened to if they had not heard it on Eurovision :)

watch Eurovision!


Gooooooo, Croatia!!!

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