Friday, May 20, 2016

Remember the time when I was a runner?

you know

ALL of those 3 to 5 days (I do not remember how soon I gave up)


since yesterday I put a goal to unpack my things I needed to make the revision of the things I have to make sure I do not have a lot of old crap

I found this:

look at the date

they are still working!


I do not remember the exact year, but it seems to me my running career was about 4 years ago :) I had not changed the batteries, I had not had them in the sunny place, they were in the depths of the cupboard

and still working

keeping in mind they were super cheap Chinese watch :)

see, not everything made in China is bad :)

also I found my compass that I bought on my friend's wedding

that thing makes me wanna dream again :)

I do not know why

but I have plenty of compasses






oh, and I finally changed my phone :)

maybe I should run again


too lazy


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