Monday, May 23, 2016

Russian edition of Scientific American

if I want to blow my brain I always buy Scientific American

and then I spend hours trying to translate and understand what the hell are they writing about

yes, I still did not give up on the idea to boost up my brain :)

in Estonia we have a loooooooooooooot of Russian magazines

but mostly they are about fashion, gossips and cooking

imagine my surprise when I saw this science magazine:

this is the Russian edition of Scientific American

but here is the tricky part

you probably know, that Russians are not big fans of Americans

but I never knew it can go so far

you see those big Russian letters on the left side of the cover?

that is the Russian name of the magazine

wanna know the translation?

In the world of science



they decided to put Scientific American on the right side just to point out, that they belong to the same media family and that they have some Scientific American articles without mentioning it in the name of the magazine :)

you know

nothing similar


the original cover:

my guess of why they changed the name in Russian market - because Russians won't buy a magazine about American science on the cover

which is totally understandable

but still weird :)

at least they could had chosen Scientific World, but they decided to stay with In the world of science :)


the fact, that articles are written in my mother tongue doooooooes not really make it much easier to understand :)

but I am still not giving up

I am gonna speed up my brain

because I caaaaaaaan


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