Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today I am radioactive

one of my sister has serious medical condition and the doctors can't say what is wrong with her

for years they thought she was faking it

I think because they can find out what is the diagnosis

sucks to be them I guess


my sister takes strong medications and uses cane for walking, because she can suddenly fall down

seems to me, that the doctors finally realized, that she is not faking it and since she has strong allergic reaction to iodine they had to order some radioactive stuff for her to get her brain checked

I went with her to make sure she was okay after the procedure

so they filled her with that radioactive liquid and said it will take 4 hours for that liquid to reach all the parts they needed to scan

so we went for a walk hand by hand and for a lunch sitting next to each other

and when we came back we sat next to each other for another half an hour

when the nurse came to take her to the procedure room and saw that we were sitting so close to each other she screamed: YOU SHOULD BE AT LEAST 2M FROM EACH OTHER

apparently that thing that they gave her is so radioactive, that it has 2m radius of possible nuclear contamination :)

my sister was so worried about me, but I had only one answer for her: if it is in your blood, I can tolerate that crap and you can radiate the shit out of me :)

you see

our family has some serious problem

it is called: we laugh even in the darkest times

we joked so much and laughed so loud, that even the sad old lady, who was going through the same procedure was smiling with us :)

I do think it is the best way of dealing with life: to laugh a lot

but I do understand why doctors may had thought that my sister was faking her illness

because who the hell would be smiling so much when you feel so bad

I will tell you who

all members of my family :)

my sister felt fine today and I got moderate head ache

but we both did not get any super powers :(


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