Friday, May 20, 2016

ZTE Blade

I changed my phone

I gave up

and got myself a smartphone for Estonian number as well


my limits were: no more than 150 and the longest working battery I can get


ZTE it is

ZTE Blade T620 to be exact

don't ask

I had not heard about that company too:)

but hey




where the hell can you find any of that for 119 euro? :)

and it looks good

and it works good

it is too big for my taste, but all new phones are practically the same size


it is android based and must I say: Windows phone is better


I said it :)

I like my Finnish phone with Windows better than Android phone

mainly because Windows phone is not so annoying with collecting any kind of data

and with Android it is right into your face

it collects everything, everywhere, every time

I turned off as many of those collecting background apps as I could

but it still has too much information about me :)

yeah-yeah, paranoid parrot:)

my previous phone was old, so I had to change the sim card (my number is the same)

I did not want to pay for transferring my contacts from my regular sim to this new micro (or whatever the hell it is called), neither was my old phone smart enough to save it somewhere in the cloud (and even if it could, my paranoid inner self would not allow it), so I saved all the numbers I needed in hand mode:)

to my surprise, from my long list of contacts I only had to save my family members numbers and the numbers of 4 of my friends with whom I meet quite often




I did not even remember half of the people I had in my phone

I had not saved the numbers of the men I liked

I had not saved the numbers of my university classmates

if I had no used those numbers in two years

why the hell would I need it?

to my surprise it was super easy to delete the number of the man I used to like a lot

was like: no biggie


and I am proud of that

saved the numbers, opened the phonebook in my new phone

found all the contacts from my outlook saved there aaaaaaaaaaand my skype contacts


I found later where to uncheck one option in the phone


dear Android, you could had asked before you drag them all

hate the system

love the phone


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