Tuesday, June 14, 2016

And that is the sound dying dinosaurs makes

I love my girls

we met on Monday and while sitting in the bar eating and chatting we came to conclusion, that we had not played billiard in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears

and so we went

one of us apparently played a year ago or so, two of us had not played for at least four years

and we plaaaayed

we plaaaayed like billiards gods


we played two on one, since that girl had a little bit more practice

but after multiply:


she gave up and said she does not understand how we play without aiming and still winning :)

she also mentioned I use same tactics in bowling, I do not aim and still win

my secret is: I really don't aim, I just hit the ball the one that I think I have a chance with

and somehow I usually do:)

I used to be a bad player, I always counted, thought too much and did other super important things like using chalk and stuff, and I almost never won

sometimes I had not even had a single point score in a game


the problem with out company, is that we laugh too much

and we are a little bit too loud


and he couples who played next to us were really uncomfortable, because they were apparently on the dates and were taking the game seriously, while we were giving high fives, jumping and joking

and some of the jokes were not, like, you know, acceptable

when we were losing in the last game, we decided we need to make that girl laugh so hard, that she would miss each time she hits the ball

don't look at the fact, that you are winning right now, we are like tuberculosis! right now we are slowly crawling into your insides and we are going to destroy you

and other evil jokes:)

we still lost thou

played 3 games, one was our clear win

second game was our technical loss (I accidentally scored that black ball into wrong hole, myyyy baaaaaaaaaaad)

and the last game she won with one ball advantage :)

so basically

it should be 1,5-1,5


we are the worst company to be around

but we are the best company to be the part of

and some of the people next to us wanted to join us

and it was so lovely

but it was our girl's night out :)

bu we really need to learn the rules of that game :)))

the next time we will play bowling

sometimes I thing we should film our games just for the memories :)

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