Thursday, June 2, 2016

And then I decided I can't wear short dresses anymore

that statement obviously is not mine :)

you see, I have a skin condition with a long scary name: Follicular hyperkeratosis

this picture is taken from the internet:

I have it on my legs only and in a light version, but it is still noticeable

today I decided to check, had the beauty industry created something better than laser peeling and to my surprise they still don't have any certain solution to that problem

you can turn it down, but you can't completely get rid off it

I have no problems with that, but apparently a looooooooooooot of women have

I had read I do not know how many "I do not wear any short clothes", "we only have sex in the dark", "I am ashamed of that and nobody can see it"

what the actual hell?

don't you have some serious stuff to worry about?

like islamisation of Europe and other scary things?

I don't get it

it is not your fault that you have it, why would you be so ashamed of it?

maybe it is because I love my legs so much, but the day I started wearing short dresses was the day I stopped creating so much issues


dear girls, if you happen to have that condition I have one beautiful and powerful picture to show you:


I can't tell you how many compliments my legs had over those years of wearing dresses

my favorite one is "are those, like, real?"

of course my legs are real :)))

and I have follicular hyperkeratosis and nobody caaaares :)

and if you can't wear dresses, because you are afraid, that will get some bad comments and can tell you: you will

you will have strange questions asked, disgusted looks at your legs and you will hear negative comments, like: eeeeeewwwwwwww, she should not wear dresses

but do you know from who you will get those?

from women only:)


I don't get it

it is like we are our worst enemies

and then you complain about men wanting perfect girls only


the perfect girls in the magazines were created by beauty standards and women themselves created those standards :)

not Bob Bobbinski is the editor-in-chief of beauty magazines, some Clare Clarinsky is :)

I love my legs :)

and yeah, I have those red dots

but dear women, before judging other women think a little bit about why you are doing it :)

your man is looking at my legs with a completely different look :)

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