Friday, June 17, 2016

Bring Tex back!!!

The last ship is back

I just started watching the first episode and damn, must I say, I always knew it was all such a "America is the greatest country" kind of show, but there has to be some limits


I am just a little bit mad and sad now


is this how you really wanted to end Rachel-Tex love story?

I did not like the replacement as well

it is like if they took everything that was good: the actors, the of-course-not-even-close-to-being-real-plot, the scenes with the not-even-really-the-last-ship

and replaced it with politics

from this:

to that:

season 1 - Russia is the enemy

season 2 - USA is the enemy

season 3 - surprise, surprise, China is the enemy:)

prisoners of war

and the pandemic stuff is somewhere behind all that political drama


it looks so boring

bring Tex back!

I'm just gonna watch this video couple of times more:

aaawwwww, such a lovely couple

maybe I should give that seems-to-be-total-crap season 3 a chance of watching couple of episodes and drop it and rewatch the first two seasons :)

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