Wednesday, June 15, 2016

He never called

looking at the calendar today I realized it is the time, when my colleague is going on the summer vacation and it was my job to replace him


guess where am I?


in Tallinn:)

my boss never called

I guess no signs needed anymore

I need to learn how to love Tallinn again

and it is not thaaaaaaaat hard, we have a beautiful city

but I do miss the city I hated with all of my heart

Helsinki :)

and I miss my co-workers

and I miss metro (I am a train person, remember?)

but that's okay

that is not the end :)

the only end we may have is death, and while we all alive, it is just a pause


about my Flaky car

I wrote to the seller asking for VIN code (I don't want to buy a stolen car, and I wanted to see its history)

he never wrote me back

and that is kinda shady, don't you think?

I guess my Flaky was not meant for me

what do you think about metallic orange?


but my heart demands white car :)

my mystery Flaky

it is much older and much uglier than techno-ORange, but I feel connection with Flaky


maybe I should go to the city, where Flaky is and check that damned VIN code myself :)

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