Thursday, June 9, 2016

I forgot Estonian

I read Estonian books and newspapers on daily basis

but after being two years in Finland my third language now is Finnish
  1. Russian
  2. English
  3. Finnish
  4. Estonian

how is it possible to forget Estonian so fast and replace it with Finnish???

I had difficult time ordering veggie sandwich at Subway couple of days ago

in the end I gave up and ordered it in Finnish :)

which is super close to Estonian, but still has significant differences 

I lost contacts with my university friends and I guess I need to find new Estonian friends if I want to promote Estonian to third place again :)


it may happen so

that from the depths of my mind the Spanish language will rise

had I told you I am learning Spanish now?

found some super old CD with the Spanish course and decided why the hell not :)

now I can ask in Spanish  ¿Es este su abrigo? :) and about twenty other things

to my surprise Spanish words are very easy to remember

but what's up with that upside down question mark at the beginning of every question?

or not every

I have zero knowledge about Spanish grammar

but hey

¿Es este su libra?


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