Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I love Warcraft movie

I do

I really really do

I have absolutely no idea why is it failing so bad in America, but I do understand, why it is such a big hit in China

I loved the movie

I loved the story

loved the characters

loved the actors

for god's sake, juuuuust looooooook aaaaaaaaaaaat hiiiiiiiiiiim:

or this cutie pie:

the only thing I did not like is the length of the movie

it should have at least one more hour, because some of the scenes felt like they were cut just to fit into those 2 hours

I want to see the director's cut

I loved the movie

I felt like if I were among those guardians and magic

therefore I really don't understand how is Mad Max (which was basically road movie with no plot whatsoever) so highly appreciated and WarCraft with outstanding visual effects, okay plot and good actors is labeled FAILURE

come ooooon

stop reading those negative reviews

if you need a serious movie, go watch some art house

if you need eye candy with a pretty decent plot (don't you think, that the scene, where orcs were looking at the valley they were based, looked like you know, crap that is going on in Arabic countries, leaving only path of destructions)

and yes

since I am stupid enough and still believe in love, I really liked what Medivh said :)

I really hope they will film another two movies

I want to see how it ends

*if you happen to live in Estonia, I would highly recommend you watching that movie in Coca-Cola Plaza in Scape, the ticket cost a little bit more, but the sound is outstanding and I had not been to 3D movies in a while (because I wear regular glasses and each time I wore 3D glasses I wanted scream, because of how uncomfortable they were and the effect on the screen were nothing), I don't know about the other screenings, but in Scape they have amazing 3D glasses, that weight nothing, cover the whole eyesight and I was sitting with my jaw dropped, the moment I realized: thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is how a normal 3D movie looks like

now go watch that movie!


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