Sunday, June 5, 2016

I think prostitution should be legalized

I really do think so

I do not understand why if somebody who loves something that his (oh her) partner can't give him (her) why not to buy it from somebody who is willing to sell it

I am not talking about underage (those bastards should be killed and I am willing to participate in their liquidation)

I am talking about kinky stuff, that most of the people can't tolerate, but some people happen to love it

so why can't I buy what I want from somebody who shares my interest?

I think it could had saved so many marriages

and save so many girls from being sex slaves

what I don't understand is why escort ladies are being judged so harsh

I read in some newspaper story about "my husband did not know, that my friend is a whore (excuse me, but how can she be your friend, if you call her "whore"?). So one time that friend came visiting me and after she left I talked with my husband and told him, that she had a lot of men in her life. My husband said that he forbids me talking to her and he cleaned all the surfaces my friend touched or sat on"

I think it is hypocrisy

from where did it come, that having sex is something so dirty and soooooooo bad, that it must be done in the dark, in the silence, in the basic moves?

I am somehow pretty sure, that husband had some wet dreams about that friend later :)

two-faced people are the worst

dear girls, if you happen to love loving men, don't be ashamed of that

it is your body

it is your choice

it is your decision

and those "YOU WILL GO TO HELL!!!" people will always be in your life

as for me


I lose interest in man faster than we could had end up in the bed

at work I worked with one man and daym "I wanna do bad things with you" was the ultimate soundtrack in my head each time I saw him

some sort of animal attraction

but those shy Finnish men, who could barely talk to me, unless they were already married :)

so yeah, I still had not found man interesting enough to be with him

and I am pretty sure first time should be with somebody important (but not HE IS THE ONLY ONE!!!)


important enough to be with him, but not too important if you happen to lose interest after that


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