Sunday, June 12, 2016

One problem at a time

I am crawling back from the ocean of my apathy

all cleaned up :)

I guess I had "OMG, I AM ALMOST 30!!!" crisis

my biggest worries were: I have no husband, no kids, no house, no car and no job at the moment


you know

failed on every level

but today I got my shit sorted

I have no husband, but I do have one man, who loves me for years already (I just don't feel the same and I told that to him), so if for some stupid reason I will feel the need to be married, I can always turn to him (but I would rather die alone surrounded by cats)

but still, knowing, that I can get married at any moment kinda helps

I have no kids, but I do have one Finnish man who will gladly help me with that, if I ask him to (you know, I can charm the shit out of some men), I won't do that, but again, it is good to know, that I have that opportunity

I have no own house or flat

and living with my parents again :)

but my parents are awesome

and living with them allow me saving a lot of money

after all, I can alway move to Särevere (remember my short career as environmental inspector there?)

my sister would be happy if I do that

I have no car

but I already found one and it costs only 1300 and I have that money

and it is white

and I already named it Flaky (like snowflake)

but it is 16 (!!!) years old, so I really need to sleep over on that thought and if nothing in my mind changes (or somebody buys it before me) I will get it

and be the worst driver on an old car, but on my own car



and about the job

I had never in my life had any worries about getting a job

I just know, that I will get one

even in the worst years on the market, I got the job

I just know, the moment I start looking for a job (that would be around next Wednesday according to my new plan) I will get one

the only worry I have

I need to check my eyes ASAP

because they just don't feel right lately

but then again

I will be freaking awesome even being blind

not the end of the world


I feel so much more calm and relaxed now

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