Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shut up and smile

as you may have noticed I had been a little bit down lately

now I am fine

but some of the people I know made certain comments

which includes "ah, you are just bored, find a job and you will be fine"

I guess my constant whining for a month about my uncertainty in everything annoyed them



I had been living in Finland for almost two years

I had people there who I liked and respected a lot

I had my own places I loved visiting

I had my own routine of the things I do

you see

I miss that all

it was my choice to leave

but it does not erase all the feelings I have

I miss those people and things and I always will be

I needed time to rearrange to my new reality

and I certainly needed some understanding and mental tapping on my shoulder

something like "you will be fine, you just need a little time"

not "just get a job"

it kinda confuses me

I am always that super smiling, super positive person with short periods of time, when I am angry

this time I had been down for more than a month

for once in my life

but well

I guess I need to give myself that mental tapping on the shoulder that I needed


no matter for how long you listen to people complain about their lives

the moment you need to be supported

you just

you know

end up alone with your problems


"just get a job"


my motto now is : shut up and smile

people need you only when you smile

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