Monday, June 20, 2016

Slow but steady

is the perfect expression to describe my life right now

slow but steady


feel much better now

my eyes got checked

my teeth got checked (I just looooooooooove going to dentists, I would easily spend a lot of money just to fix some small issues)


and knowing that you will not lose your sight and teeth kinda makes you wanna live a little bit happier :)

went to Türi on Friday

looooooooooooved it

thinking about moving there for a month

maybe have some job that I always wanted to try, but never liked the salary


working in a store :)

as a summer replacement for somebody

and then back to the job, that I actually love

being a surveyor with a degree :)


somewhere in my mind I am still thinking going back to Finland

but I got my Estonian back



I was able to communicate with doctors about my teeth and eyes using Estonian only, and they understood me very well

yaaaaaaaaaay :)

Flaky was sold to somebody

techno-orange I decided was too aggressive for me

so I am still looking for a car

but I already found my peace


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