Sunday, June 12, 2016

The first impressions

I am a huge bookworm and I had never made some sort of secret out of it

right now I am reading simultaneously 29 books :)

4 languages

that is probably why I have problems with my eyes now :)))

I was looking for one certain book in one certain series of books and I was going to one really small shop with Russian books only

aaaaand the moment I walked into the shop the selling lady asked me what I am looking for

I answered

and she told me with sort of disgust "there is no such series of books and I had never heard about it"

well, sucks to be you, because I saw those books on the shelf and before leaving I silently pointed at them to her

and left

wondering why did she talk to me so rude

and then I realized, that I was wearing my short pleather (or it is called eco leather now) dress, my pleather boots, my pleather bomber and I was looking pretty much like some sort of metalhead I guess

and in the world of old book ladies, metalheads are probably all Satan's worshipers and don't even know how to read

I laughed out loud when I realized, that people still do that

judging by the clothes people wear


I have three different styles I like to wear

"all black" - preferably eco leather

"slut look" - tight short dresses

"lady look" - short dresses, but with a white jacket to look more lady like


and I never know what I am going to wear tomorrow

it is the matter of mood

sometimes I put on the red dress and I feel "naaaaay, not in the right mood" and I change it for some white one

like with the hair: am I in the straight hair mood or in the flirty curly one

I thought that people now are smart enough not to put labels based on the looks only

judge me by my actions

not my looks

you have the right to call me racist pig, intolerant butthead and so on, I deserve that

but suggesting that I know nothing about books, only because I wear pleather is, how to say it, stupid :)

and fyi, metalheads are one of the most interesting people I had ever talked to


I need to go now, I have to sacrifice the innocent baby to Satan!

like come on


grow up already

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