Friday, June 3, 2016


I pick movies like I pick music

without any certain pattern

today I watched german movie Victoria

I started watching it, watched for 10 minutes, turned it off, did not like it at all

after 20 minutes I for some reasons wanted to continue that movie

and watched another 5 minutes

then again, decided it is too boring

and after another hour I gave it another chance and I watched it all :)

it is captivating movie

it is very slow and for the first hour almost nothing happens, but you start feeling like if you are with them in that movie

and you start caring about that weird company

and you just wanna see how it all ends

it is a 2,5 hour movie filmed in one shot

as I later read - the script was only 12 pages long and most of the things they say were improvisation

I don't live in Germany

I don't have German friends

but I found something very familiar in every of those characters

the main guy is disturbingly similar to one of my ex-co-workers, he even looks and talks the same

if you are patient enough to watch a 2,5 single shot movie, you should watch it

because you will feel, that you are that camera guy and you are there with them

interesting feeling

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