Thursday, June 2, 2016


I am not a big fan of going to cinemas

I am just too lazy to sit in one pose

like, to sit while watching the movie?


not my style :)


for some unexplained reason

I wanna go to the cinema to watch Warcraft soooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

and I even had not played that game

or know the story of that game

and not to mention I read all the bad reviews about that movie

and I wanna see it even more


I call it M. Night Shyamalan syndrome - most of the people hate his movies, some of the people LOVE his movies

or Mad Max effect - the more people love the movie, the higher chances that I will hate it


therefore I am gonna give Warcraft a chance

something tells me I will love it:)

and, to my surprise, living in Finland had changed me a bit

I no longer find men with long hair and messy beard ugly

I think some of them are really hot


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