Thursday, June 2, 2016

You marry the young girl and then

she suddenly gets a restraining order and wants to get half of your money

The Hit Bitch


Johnny Depp

you lost my love when you left Vanessa and married that "is-not-it-too-obvious-that-she-is-only-with-you-because-of-the-money-and-fame" girl

I now wonder will Depp end up in jail, because of that "HE HIT ME" drama

team Vanessa here, obviously :)

I always wondered why men can't see those obvious things

he could had at least make some sort of prenup

but noooooooooo

charmed by the young blood :)

I don't know

I don't get it

but I should say, that I do not feel bad for Johnny

he deserved it

and that bitch will take everything from him

and you will hear a lot more about their alleged marriage life

a lot more drama, more pictures, more videos

you can create everything

had not you read the "Gone girl"?


feel the difference?

I was just searching for those pictures and noticed something weird

with Vanessa on the pictures he usually holds her hand

with the hit bitch he usually grabs her waist

I guess :) you know :) one is his soulmate, the other is for other stuff :)

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