Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do you want me to change gloves?

and that is why I prefer not to tell people that I am vegetarian

usually I just say that I don't eat meat

because we have hell of a reputation :)

I was ordering veggie subway in Subway (I can eat it every day, that good it is, sorry Burger King, but I found new favourite veggie meat:) and at the same time she made a sub for a next customer, who ordered something with meat and so she touched meat with those gloves and asked if I want her to change them to put the vegetables on mine

because apparently a lot of vegetarians can't eat anything touched by meat

it is like how much meat molecules can she hold on those gloves?

and if she was asking (and I had been asked before as well), then apparently there were complaints


my dear lovely vegetarian people, would you be so nice and stop being such hypocrites?


I loooooooooooove veggie sub

and no

this is not a product placement

people don't pay me

I've been asked to test some programs, but I think I am not qualified to do that :)

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