Friday, July 15, 2016

Sometimes I want to kill them all

today I watched the news about France and I almost cried

not because of the people who died

I don't really give a damn about them

but they filmed a moment, where mom was sitting with her little daughter, and thaaaaaat fear in her eyes

that feeeeeear

her childhood ended because of those shitheads who organized it

I do not understand those bastards, but at least they have some sick reason for killing adults

but what the hell kids did to them???



you can talk your shit talks about how every person is worth the same

and everybody is equal

but in no freaking way will I be equal to someone, who steals childhood

I hope all of you die

in a painful way

and they you meet you god

and he rejects you and send back to Earth

and you die again in even more painful way and go back to your God and he rejects you again

and it will be endless cycle

and even that won't be enough for stealing childhood


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