Thursday, July 14, 2016

That does not mean I am a bad surveyor

macho macho man


Mr Sunshine is on vacation and we have 2 new guys here

I am working with one of them

after I noticed how one of them was irritated with drawings and stuff I offered taking his jobs to myself and took his partner as well

he happily agreed

so it started weird

my partner was being all that I am the maaaaan kind of man

so at first I just patiently waited for him to actually start working

after 10 minutes I decided that it takes waaaaaaaay too much time and offered him my help

and he agreed to use it

kudos for that


he now asks for my help without using I am the maaaaaaaaaan card

but I have problems with the one I took jobs from



he actually opens every file and checks the codes and heights and everything

today he told me: Jana, you forgot to measure the manhole, you need to go back and measure it

and all I remember was the picture from last week, when he was cursing while drawing his drawings

so I tried to politely explain that not every pipe goes to the manhole, sometimes it goes straight to the magistral line and I can not measure manhole if it is not there (he has like 10-15 years of experience should had probably known about that)

then using signs with his hands he tried to tell me, that I need to train the man, who is with me

that killed me

showing signs with hands?



conclusion: I was checking work email and saw, that a lot of his drawings were sent back for revaluation


mine are perfectly fine


but that annoys the shit out of me, yeah, I wear dresses and happen to have weak hands, but that does not make a bad surveyor out of me

I measure what I need to measure

I do not measure non existent manholes :)

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