Tuesday, September 13, 2016


if you happen to live in Europe you probably know, that sizes here usually go like this: ...34-36-38-40-42...

I know, that UK people have different system, but with the same basics: ...6-8-10-12...

after summer, that I spent in color dresses (mint, yellow, red, coral, white, green - I have a lot of summer dresses) I was trying my old winter dresses and they are almost all black

different shades of black


I like my black dresses (especially the eco-leather ones), but I don't feel happy in them

and I am on the pursuit of happiness

so I decided to buy some colorful winter dresses

and so I did

and so I left a pack of my nerves in the fitting rooms


I don't mind my summer dresses being tightly fit, so I bought them in size 36 and was happy enough with them

buuuuuuut I wanted my winter dresses to be slightly less fitted

aaaaand apparently I am size 37, because 36 fits like a glove and 38 fits like a potato sack :)

like whaaaaat the eeeefff


I won't be able to gain enough weight to fit into 38, but I don't want to lose weight to feel comfortable in 36

I bought 3 dresses

all in size 36

but I am starting to think, that maybe I need to register my trademark and start selling clothes with the sizes 35-37-39-41?

after all, I always loved odd numbers more

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