Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are you voting for a woman, because she is a woman?

that just does not make any sense to me

today I was watching The New Girl

and apparently the comedy shows now are advertisement for candidates

Hillary Clinton

I am sorry, but are you that desperate for the votes?


it was not the first show (The Last Man Standing did it before)

it would not be the last

that promotes one extremely illogical thing: vote for a woman, because she is a woman



I am not kidding, at first I laughed at that joke in The Last Man Standing, because I truly believed it was a joke, until I realized they were plain serious

it is like "Vote for Obama, because he is black!"


being president is much more than belonging to one certain race, gender or ethnicity

muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch more

and, dear Hillary, asking for people to vote for you, only because you are a woman is the exact same thing that you criticize so much

the world where power belongs to male figures

men vote for men

you are angry about that

and now you ask women to vote for women

don't you see the irony there?

I don't live in America, nor do I intend to

but it is getting ridiculous

Obama supporting democrats is absolutely understandable

but what is a mystery for me, that in his speeches he talks so much about "We need to change this!!!" "We need to change that!!!" "We need to improve out living!!!"


one simple question

Darling, who was the president for so long?

that's basically admitting that you failed as a president (had not change what was needed to be changed) and now you are asking for votes from the candidate from your party (the party who was responsible for a lot of doubtful choices) hoping she will suck less

I never understood that

I never understood all of those projects, where people sing songs (not even collecting the money, but just sing songs to attract more attention to some certain problem), while ideas of how you can really solve the problem are being rejecting, because of the lack of financial support

if to choose from two candidates I would definitely vote for that arrogant jerk Trump, only because he says what he thinks

if to choose with the brain, then I would certainly vote for some third candidate, even if he/she loses, then at least I tried

but voting for a woman only because she is a woman?

then the perfect candidate would be Black Latin transgender gay woman

do you see, how ridiculous that is?

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