Saturday, September 17, 2016


I made a "I am going to throw eeeverything away" kind of days before

but this time I feel like if I had lost emotional connections to almost every single thing, that I own

those are just things

things that I don't really need

and if to think how I could had spent money now... dot dot dooooot

but then again

if I bought it, I probably needed it back then


if I die today

I die with no global trace

most of the people I know won't remember anything about me in 25 years

and it is a little bit scary

at least I need to draw some picture

pictures often stay in the history

I talk too much

couple of weeks ago I was attending my close friend's birthday party

and she remembered a lot of things I was passionate before

my bee army for example

imagine a party with educated people

all grown up



by the end of the evening, I had 4 people willing to join my bee army


and it did not even matte,r that they were people, they agree to wear bee costumes


my ideas are pretty hectic

but if in the world full of hate and sadness they make somebody smile for a bit

then I think those ideas are good


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