Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Going palm oil free is annoying

today I wanted to buy my favorite soy sort of meatballs
it tastes almost like a real meat (I am not sure, though, that I remember how meat tastes like:))

vegetable oil

there were written vegetable oil

so I needed to put out my phone and check what was written on their official page

nothing much

so I bought it

with the hope, there were no palm oil

then I wanted to buy roasted nuts

did not buy it, because all of the nuts they had, were covered in palm oil

then I got mad, and decided, if I can't have the nuts, at least I can buy some biscuits


there was a good variety of biscuits

none of them were palm oil free

lucky me :)

that freaking thing is everywhere

so in the end, I went to my favorite Kalev cookies, because I remembered that half a year ago I checked, and it was palm oil free

now the question: am I eating cookies right now?


Kalev sold their soul and now they use palm oil as well

Et tu, Brute?

apparently, yeah

you don't notice, that you consume a lot of palm oil

but you do

and hunt for the clean, but not really healthy products is a challenge now

at least I still have Vanajan cookies to buy

Dear Finnish brand, please, please, please stay palm oil free

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