Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How do people do that on a daily basis?

I mean those people who chose painting walls as their profession

I primed those freaking walls and I hated everything that was attached to the wall

then I hated the primer, because it was not thick enough

then I hated my clumsiness, because that primer was eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverywhere

and the fact that I covered everything in garbage bags to avoid spots does not really change it


I am tired

I am mad

and I have no idea, how am I going to paint those freaking walls tomorrow

because it feels like if I had lost all of the nerves today

but hey

at least I primed all the walls and the ceiling



lets put the tiles in the bathroom, like all of the normal people do

but nooooooooooo

paint it is


freaking Flamenco color paint

today my skin is white (hail to the primer almighty!)

tomorrow it will be pink

and surprise-surprise

in a day it will be white again, because apparently I am painting the corridor as well



and we had green there


that means - more primer!


at least nothing is attached to the walls there


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