Monday, September 19, 2016

How to become happier from impulsive beauty shopping

about a week ago after looking in the mirror I decided, that I am finally getting old

somehow I suddenly got a lot of wrinkles

and so I thought: well, I am 30, what was I expecting, I am getting old

but NOT YET!!!

sometimes I buy stuff only because I like the packaging

I am talking about you, Anna Sui fragrances


ooookay perfume, woooooooooow bottle

Anna Sui La Nuit de Boheme
do I use it?


do I smile everytime I take the bottle?

hell yes

it is like perfumed jewel of the table :)

another one is Holika Holika Aloe soothing gel




I bought it only because of the bottle

the green jewel of the bathroom


it was standing on the bathroom shelf looking all that masterpiece like (the person who designed that bottle should get a raise)

after discovering the fact, that I am old, I decided, ah, what the hell, why not to use Aloe, my skin can't get any worse and I am gonna die soon anyways


I used it for a week

and Aloe magic happened

I am young again :)

those little wrinkles were just the signs of skin dehydration

I am young, I am young!


I read the comments about that gel later and to my surprise a lot of them were not great because "removing the excessive gel is way too annoying" and the other ones were great "my skin absorbs that gel in seconds"

apparently when your skin is hydrated enough the gel will stay on the skin (I forgot to mention, you can use that gel on every part of your body aaand hair, I had not tried it yet with my hair, but I will do that later)

I used it for a week and I still have it fully absorbed

thaaaaaat dry my skin was

thaaaanks Clinique


Aloe will save me

and bring my youth back :)

I am only 30

and impulsive buying can be good sometimes :)

nice package can be a good addition to outstanding product (which is pretty natural as well, keeping in mind, that 99% of it is Aloe Vera)

Thank you, Holika Holika



this is not a product placement

juuuust loooook at that bottle :)

people will buy it without advertisement

like I did :)

no regrets

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