Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to prime walls


sometimes I Google non girly things


while I'm still here we decided to paint out bathroom walls from the blue that we had to pink

to surprise dad with princess bathroom

as your logic probably already whispered into your brain: the pink won't fully over cover the mighty blue color

so you need to prime the walls

I primed one wall and I was super mad

that shit just don't cover it as I want it to be covered

so I told my mother, that I would finish with priming tomorrow and right now I am updating my knowledge about priming

I watched a lot of videos with different techniques and understood what my mistakes were 

I put as much primer on the roller as I could and you should not do that, that's why I had those ugly spots

and the biggest mistake was:  I used force

I used all the strength I had in my weak arms and apparently you should not do that

I applied primer upwards, downwards, from the left to the right, from the right to the left and still was not happy with the result

a lot of primer + a lot of force + a lot of roller directions


no wonder I suck at priming the walls

tomorrow I will use less primer, less force and I will try W-technique 

I will prime the shit out of those walls


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