Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I don't like sad songs

and I don't like his voice

and not a big fan of the music

but like it always is

for some unexplained reason I looooooove this song

I don't like when men sing songs about broken hearts and stuff

for me it is a sign of emotional weakness

especially when they say that : I'm gonna diiiie, because she is with another man and I loved her all my life



maybe you needed to tell her how you felt before she met that man :)


maybe those words won my heart:
Seen a lot of broken hearts
Go sailing by
Phantom ships, lost at sea
And one of them is mine
I kinda miss that feeling, knowing, that you liked someone enough to miss him so bad

I don't have a broken heart

I have super fast beating heart :)

I even changed my heart necklace to snowflake necklace

because it represents the beauty of winter

rather than childish dreams of true love


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