Friday, September 23, 2016

I have a waving problem

I am waving everytime I see a chance for waving

I have no idea why :)

it is not like if I were super friendly

sometimes I don't bother saying Hello and just nod or smile instead


if I see somebody waving at me

I wave back


you are probably wondering, well, what's the problem?

the problem is, I am waving back even if somebody waves on TV show


you may catch me waving at my monitor, because somebody in the show waved

or if I found some waving bear picture

I dooooooooooon't know

is it some instinct?

but I always wave back


it feels, like I already wrote about it, but the problem is just getting bigger

couple of days ago while sitting in a bar with my friends, one of them asked, why are you waving at television?

well, because the athlete there waved, that's why

like d'oooh


and that's a problem

I won't tell you how many times I waved, while typing this post


**yes, I counted

just stop waving already!!!


aaand here goes the ninth

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