Saturday, September 10, 2016

I need this place

as some of you may had noticed my world was closed for about a month

I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to deleting it

but I gave time to myself to think about "do I really want to erase all of the memories", so I just closed it to public


as some of you may had already noticed

I am back


apparently I need this place more than I could had thought

it is like the wasteland of my thoughts and opinions

my place of self-help

it is good to remember the bad times and relive the good ones


this place is like my true friend with whom I can talk about everything without having crazy looks


I have good friends

I have awesome friends

but for the last couple of months I was trying to get close to them and share not only the good things in my life, but to look for support when I was down


I am back here

that means, I did not get what I wanted

and that's okay

you can continue talking about your problems and saying "you are oooooverreaaaacting much, you weeeeeere not even daaaaaaating"

and I will think "well, he is the only man I have in my mind now, and as you know, I have serious problems with liking somebody longer for couple of months"

you see

my problems are always not problems

because in my world I am a clown

and in public I can not be sad

about anything

and that's okay

there are a lot of sad people in the world

I will write my sadness here and be a happy person there:)

we are all wearing masks

my happy mask is not the worst :)

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