Sunday, September 18, 2016

I see nightmares

and I wake up with my heart beating much faster than it should be

if taking into consideration, that my hearts beats faster in normal situation

then every nightmare that I have can kill me

killing nightmares!

that should be the name of my band


I had one of those last light

something about chasing cars, killing people, zombies (I should stop watching Z-nation, but how can I???), old buildings

it is hard to calm down in the morning

I had one of those when I was in Finland this summer

but it was a super bad day then

I learned that men can please themselves on the streets


just like that

sitting on the same bench that you do

hell, that was disgusting, I still remember his winking face



and nobody was near

just me and that pervert

oh well

lets leave it in the past


in addition to the qualities my man should have: "must be Brave" I need to add "must calm me down in the mornings, when I had killing nightmare"

lets add some sunshine to this post

this is a sad song, but it has such a positive vibe, that I am always smiling when I hear it

my name is Rooosemary

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