Monday, September 26, 2016

Mirrors in elevators

scare me more, than I would like to admit

I always had complicated relationship with mirrors

I find them creepy

it is like if they decide how you look today

it is like with the room

does the room still exist when you close the door?

it is the same for me with the face

does your face stays the same when you don't look in the mirror

it is illogical fear

but I always had it with the fear of printed photos


if you leave a phantom of you on the paper

and on the mirror surface

should not it be bad for you?

I know, I know, I am educated person

but it is what it is

a week ago I was visiting a friend

I had never been in that apartment and we needed to use the elevator

it was a nice clean elevator

with a huge mirror in it



when the doors open

it was a long ride for me

I am not a claustrophobic person

nor am I afraid of elevators

but I just screamed inside when we were using it

it felt, like if the little space in that elevator was trying to swallow me inside it

I don't mind mirrors at home, they are your family mirrors

I don't mind mirrors at public places, people usually glance for a moment there, to make sure they look good

but mirror in the super tiny elevator, where you have nowhere to hide and all of the people, who use the elevator, every single day spend a lot of time in that closed space

and they look in the mirror for a long time

it just freaks me out

it is like a crowded elevator

even if you are in it alone


I would not rent an apartment, if the building has an elevator with mirror in it

I just would not

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