Monday, September 12, 2016

Money, money, money

you can't buy love with money

you can't buy health with money

and other fluffy puffy stuff people like to share on facebook


I don't think so

you can be unhappy in your marriage being poor as easily, as you can be being rich

same with the health

being poor does not guarantee, that you will be happy and healthy

so I really do not understand why being rich is considered to be a bad thing


"pfff, of course he did that, he is rich"

like if it explains everything

I though a lot about my inner fears: not having home, not having eyesight, not being able to have kids and other things

and I came to realization, that about 90% of those problems can be solved with enough money

I once was already going for money hunt (but mostly because I wanted to buy Hugo Boss dresses)

that was not reason good enough to do things

now I have a lot of them

and if I failed in being a loving person

why not to become rich

money is not the root of all evil

the opportunities money give you - is

I made a lot of mistakes with no money

why not to make the with enough money?

today I earned 0 euros

and I need to fix that

where do people* get money?

*people who are not Jews**

**no antisemitism intended


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