Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My official statement on palm oil

if you know me in person, then I am pretty sure I already tired you with my Palm oil is baaaaaaaad attitude

I do believe it is bad

I read a lot of articles on pros and cons of palm oil and my official statement: I will try my best to avoid it

I'm sorry

greedy producers

but I live in a land, that can produce sunflower oil

why the hell should I use your cheap dirty palm oil?

the products taste the same, so if you don't read the labels then you probably missed the time, when suddenly everything is made with palm oil

check your products

the amount of palm oil you take may surprise you

it is literally everywhere


and they don't put it on the cover like "made with palm oil"


they may hide it under "made with vegetable oil" and you need to see what is written in other languages, because some countries demand more specific details

and then you will probably find Palm oil

if the product line is fancy, then they will write something like "from controlled sources"

I will stand on my own

palm oil is bad

team sunflower oil! (or pretty much any other oil, like olive)

I will challenge myself: I won't buy any products with palm oil anymore

pretty much all junk food is gone now

most of the cookies



salted nuts


the list goes on

but well

time to eat cabbage :)

Team sunflower!!!


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