Sunday, September 25, 2016

One of those days

if you ask random girl "Do you have kind of days, when you feel like you look bad, but still somehow get a lot of attention?" she most likely answers "Yes"

it is just some kind of genetic mystery

today when I was leaving home, I looked in the mirror and thought: well, I look like a shit today, but I can't be gorgeous all the time"

so I was walking smiling like an idiot, without caring how I look (because I already decided I look like shit today) and having inner dance while listening to Glorious


the men just could not stop looking at me and trying to introduce themselves

I dunno

standing in the line, like, you have your woman standing next to you, why do you smile and wink (!) at me???


it was one of those days

when your body attracts opposite sex

men are complicated

*gone dancing

glorious you

glorious yoooou

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