Thursday, September 22, 2016

Russian music

I realized that very few of the people, who are here are actually Russians

and the rest of you probably had not heard Russian music that is popular today

I will post songs, that I don't hate, so that you would be in touch with Russian music

now you probably would be surprised, since Russians are portrayed being all that racist, fascist, but can you have any more multicultural song that this one?

it is very popular in Russia :)

I'm not gay

but sometimes I watch that video, only to look at that girl, she is soooooooo beautiful


the other on is little a inappropriate for underage people, so if you are not 18, that video may disturb you

you probably should know that about Russian girls: they like to show their bodies and I think it is the right attitude


the next one is bit older song, but I just love it :)

a mne pora domooooooooooi


and the last one


I need to add, that Leningrad is the band that, well, curse a lot :) a loooooooooooot :) and they make satirical videos, so don't take everything that you see now like it is, but try to think deeper

you can turn the subtitles on to understand what are they singing about

as you may noticed, there are a lot of half naked girls in those videos

but like I already said before

it is the way Russian girls dress themselves

my dresses are inappropriate for most of the people as well

I see how you look at me when I wear my favorite short tight coral dress :)

but I am not gonna stop wearing it


your issues are your issues

and I have Russian blood in me


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