Thursday, October 27, 2016

And we judge and we judge and we judge

and we judge again

trying to make other people be like us

and then wondering: why the hell are everybody the same?

don't get me wrong

I had the biggest God aka Judge syndrome ever

I judged eeeeeveryone and eeeeverything


finding the things I don't like and then pointing them out

I am no longer doing that

I found a new way of life

I don't judge people, because now I am focusing on creating my world and deciding who and what I want to see in it

it is something like natural selection

if something makes you sad, mad or feel uncomfortable - just get rid off it

if somebody makes you sad, mad or feel uncomfortable - just don't invite that person in your world

it is your world and it is your decision who you want to see in it

everything has a limit time

some friendships should end

there is no point to be a friend with somebody only because "but I've known her from kindergarten"

do not surround yourself with people and things that don't make you happy

why are there 1000000 rude comments on how Kim Kardashian looks today?

why the hell do you even care, she looks exactly how she wants to look

why would she look like you want her to look

and everything like that

you got the point

judging is the slow way into madness and disappointment

selection is the long hard way into happiness

just don't be too impulsive

I am cleaning my room

and I have this out from only one side of my closet:
things that had been kept accurately and neatly on the shelves

things that for 80% I don't even need

imagine how you trash your mind judging people you had not even met

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