Monday, October 17, 2016

Anna Karenina and weird games

I feel bad for well educated people from English speaking countries, who read Anna Karenina

I applaud you for your determination

because reading "as he came away from the Schtscherbazkijs" must be something like hell to you :)


In the 29 books, that I am currently reading, you can find Tolstoy and his "Anna Karenina"

and today I reached the part, where Levin and Kitty are sending encrypted messages to each other (part 4, chapter 13)

not on the phone, obviously, not on the paper as well

on the table

in chalk

well, I guess, they had their fun ways of ruining furniture too back then :)

on the table Levin wrote: W y a m t c b d i m n o t?"

and of course Kitty understood

like who would not?


for all of the mortal people who we are, I am decrypting : When you answered me: "that cannot be," did it mean never or then?"

after a short, yet very meaningful speechless encrypted conversation Levin wrote (SPOILER ALERT!!): I h n t f a f, I h n s l y

and of course she understood

I am pretty sure she can work in the army, decrypting messages :)

I have nothing to forgive and forget, I have never stopped loving you

like hoooooooooooooow???

and yeah, I understand, that Tolstoy wanted to show how people who don't love each other would not understand even a written letter (Karenin's family) and how people in love can understand each other without words

but it is still weird to me

now if you are reading this and you are in love with somebody (who loves you back) try this at home

write the first letter of each word you want to say and see if your significant other understands you


something like: D, w y b n a b s m o t w b h?


see, reading classical literature can be fun too

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