Saturday, October 1, 2016

Campus police

is another thing I don't understand

campus police (a.k.a. university police)




why do you need it?

is not it the actual police matter, if something illegal happens on the territory of some university?

I've read some articles

I've seen some movies

and it feels like that the rapes that happened in campus do not really qualify as actual rapes

in best case scenario the rapist would be expelled


what kind of punishment is that?

sometimes it seems to me, that only science universities are the real universities

the rest are "we are gooooing to have a paaaaaarty, and then rape some of those drunk girls"


and don't forget: apparently if you are a star athlete, you can do pretty much everything

there are a lot of things I don't understand

rape is a rape

no matter did it happen on campus or in the bar

and as for Universities


you should probably clarify your acceptance method

if my kid would go to the university where there is campus police


then we will have a talk about: Darling, would you consider choosing some other University, the one where people are responsible for their actions and if they do something illegal they will have a sentence, so that they don't need a campus police?

I just don't understand that

Policemen is just too awesome to waste their time on drunk kids with no crime-after consequences

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