Sunday, October 9, 2016

CPU usage 100% all of the time

I had Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista, 8

I worked with 7

I had never had 95 and 11

and for some hardly understandable reason I love Vista the most

I  just do

I don't know why

but I do


if you are still using Vista, then you probably had that problem before (and they have the same problem in Windows 7 too, apparently)

CPU usage 100% ALL the time

and the snail moves faster than your computer works

I read a looooooooooooooot of advices and stories

most of them suggest: reinstall Vista from CD

I still have that CD

but I truly believe, that should be the last option, not the first

I even read some stories, when people take their computer to the repair stores and pay for fixing that problem

well, Microsoft tried to fix that problem too

their solution works for about 20% (you should google "fixit" if you want to find that tool)

I found one advice and it helped

you don't need to reinstall anything :)

or install something


if you have CPU usage 100% all the time in Vista go to Control Panel - Windows Update - from the left side choose Change Settings and put "Never check for updates" in Important updates then OK and reboot


problem solved


I tried a lot of advices

and that was the only one that actually helped

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