Monday, October 10, 2016

Good manners in social media

my friend found me on Instagram

she had never heard or had ever seen my blogger page, so she had not been able to add from the post, when I wrote, that I have an account now


here is the question

how the hell did I appear in her "people you may know" or whatever suggestion list they have there


I did not use my surname and there are millions of Jana in the world

I did not use nickname that I used before

I found only one weak link

I connected Insta to my outlook mail

and we sent each other emails before

I don't like it

I feel like if I was forced to add her as a friend

she is my friend

one of my closest ones


I never wanted my close friends to know about it

and now I have one follower, because I could not ask her not to add me

aaaaaand I kinda had to follow her as well

so in my hockey world (I follow only Blue Jackets, NHL and Espoo united) I now have one real person

who happens to be my real friend

therefore, thaaaaaaaaaaanks for ruining my privacy, dear Outlook

stupid good manners

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