Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I don't know what smells worse

quinoa or tuna fish?

I am continuing searches for my cooking skills and so far I am okay'ish in baking things

for some reasons salads are just not my thing

and I have no idea why

because how hard can it be, to chop things (and I can cut perfect cubes) and then mix it?

apparently extremely hard :)

today I tried one recipe with quinoa (why does spell checker mark this word? it is quinoa, I double checked), tuna fish, cucumber and eggs covered in dressing

and I after finishing it, I just threw that straight into trash bin

becaaaause it smelled so baaaaaaaaaaad

the products were perfectly fine

it is just the combination of quinoa and tuna fish that kills me

I still have half of the pack of quinoa that I bought, because I always wanted to try what was that fuss all about

super healthy, super super and super super super

*insert some fancy words instead of super :)

quinoa smells bad

it really does

but what is worse

it tastes awful

it is like if you chew some plastic crap with plastic aftertaste wondering "and why the hell did I spend so much money on that crap?"

I did not understand that

fish smells bad for me, because I just had not been eating meat for years and it is not that it is rotten or something, no, it is just because I am no longer associate that smell with food

but quinoa?

it should be my favorite new thing

but it is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

dead fish or fancy quinoa?

I think in the battle of what smells worse quinoa is a winner

*team buckwheat here :)

just found a picture of quinoa that I liked

apparently, I am not the only one, who is not a fan of quinoa :)


Team buckwheat!!!

it was a surprise for me, when in Finland I could not found buckwheat in regular stores

it was even bigger surprise, when I Googled it and understood, that outside the Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine buckwheat is not common

if you are living outside the countries I listed, I would recommend you looking for the buckwheat in some eco store and try eating it (just don't forget to add some salt and a tiny little bit of butter)

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