Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I got a birthday invitation from a kid

she is the niece of my close friend, but still

I had seen her twice and she is somewhere around 10 years old

is not it like, too weird?

I was on another kid birthday this Saturday

the kid turned one


why the hell would your organize a birthday party to one year old kid I don't understand

and call friends to it



it was the weirdest birthday I had ever been to

her whole family and her family friends and then 2 friends: me and the aunt of that little girl

I understand why she invited her, because she took 4 kid with her and it was indeed a kid birthday party

but I don't have kids

nor did I know her family

it was weeeeeeeeeird

so most of the time there I spent with the kids

some kids like me

why would not they, I am awesome :)

so we talked with that girl about dresses, wolfs, bears, dancing, swimming, tattoos and million other things little girls can talk about

her little secrets that "shhhhh, nobody can know, but ..."


when I was leaving that weird birthday party, she came to me and asked: don't leeeeave, and would you come to my birthday?

what was I suppose to answer???

I changed the subject, without answering that

but still

do 10 year old kids have short enough memory to forget that invitation?

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