Sunday, October 30, 2016

Not everybody dream in color

like waaaaaaaaaaaaat

today I decided that I need to boost up my memory and I downloaded some podcast teaching how to do that

three simple tasks to know how good you already are

he reads aloud 20 words, you listen to them, memorize and after he finish reading, you need to write them in the same order

every missed word is 1 mistake, every word not in the right place is 0.5

I've got 6

which is baaaaaaaad

but apparently not awful :)

then the same task with numbers

to my surprise I got 3

and the last task was to imagine a classroom with the GREEN board and you need to keep that green board in mind and start drawing white numbers on it, seeing in mind everything that you had already written

like 5, then you write 2 next to it, picture 52 in your mind and add another digit 7 and having now 527 on the board and so on keeping the process of writing the numbers and keeping them in your imagination all the time

in the end he said, that a lot of people can't imagine that picture

classroom with green board and white chalk numbers on it

apparently, some of the people can't hold that simple picture long enough in their mind and lose it

a lot of people have problem with imagining it in color

that was a complete surprise to me, how could not you create pictures in your mind in color?

that's the way you see the world

but apparently it is a problem to a lot of people

I feel sorry for you, folks!

it was an interesting thing to do

and no surprise here, but I have an outstanding imagination :)))

and not a great memory :)

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