Saturday, October 15, 2016

Secret society of people who wear hats

hats meaning classic hats, not those beanies that most of the people wear


I am talking about fedora-like hats


I only have one hat that I did not even bought myself

we were having family grocery shopping and my dad was looking for something (like he always does) and my mother and I were in the food aisles 

then out of nowhere he brought me a hat, saying I need to try it


apparently my dad has some fashion style

because I loooooooooooooooved it



the one, who never wear any sort of hats

I'm checking the weather now, to see how strong the wind is to make sure the hat will stay where it supposed to be :)

for the last couple of days it was still

so I wore the hat

or no

The Hat

that would be better :)

I noticed that we have some sort of secret society of people who wear hats

I got a lot of nods and even finger on the hat kind of signs

meaning something like: I noticed you, my hat sister


and that is aaaaaaaaaaawesome :)

it is always good to belong to some sort of group

my group is apparently people who wear hats

fedora hats :)

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