Friday, October 21, 2016

The night calls

are the worst

when some of your family members call you at night, even before answering the call you already know that something bad happened

I did not get that call yesterday

I made it

at midnight my mother came to me showing the paper with bright blood on it, saying: I don't think it is good, if the blood is coming from my mouth

the calmness in our family runs in the veins

of course I phoned 112 right away, explaining situation while telling mom to pack her things and medicine while we were waiting for doctor

I waited emergency doctors outside and followed them to our apartment, telling what happened and what kind of surgery my mom had a week ago

they checked her, told, that they don't see any trauma in the throat or any problems whatsoever, then they checked her blood pressure and it was 190


she has a weak heart and ten years ago she had a heart surgery

so they took her with them and told me to wait for a phone call from her

when they left I cried like a baby

it is necessary to stay calm when something bad happens, so the suffering person would not be so afraid

and I did my best

but when they left I let it loose

and then I thought should I call dad and tell him (he is working now on the ship) or should I not

so I called my niece to ask for her opinion

she did not answer

she had her "WHEN I CALL YOU AT NIGHT YOU MUST PICK UP NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!" speech from me, when she called me back in the morning

I decided no to tell anything to my dad, to keep him safe

I waited 4 hours for the call from my mom

she told me, that she is alright and blood test are normal and there is no blood in the lungs and the doctor thinks it was because she slept on the side, where her scar is and it somehow made her bleed from inside

I don't know

that sounds way too doubtful

but she is at home now

looking pretty normal

and I annoy her every hour with my "is everything okaaaaay?"

hoping everything will be okay

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