Friday, October 7, 2016

They know everything!

and it freaks me out

today at my family doctor's appointment she showed me my digital medical expertise

the one that I need to do every 3 or 5 years to show that no miracle happened and I am still ill

and I saw that my medical record includes all of my appointments

even the paid ones

you know

like dentist appointments

dental services are free for kids under 19 (or 18, but as long as I remember 19)

the rest of us pay full price


here is the question

whaaaaaaaaat the heeeeeeeeeeeell

I thought that it is like private appointments and they have their own data base in clinic, but they don't share that information

because why would they?

to my surprise they do

your every visit to any doctor will be shown in your record

and it does not matter, did your medical insurance paid it off or you

as long as you have Haigekassa (that's like Estonian medical insurance available for every kid, every adult (as long as you are working) and retired people (that includes people with disabilities, like I have) they will have every medical record on you

sounds creepy

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